These guidelines have been developed by consensus of members of the Institute For Thermal Processing Specialists. Information presented in the following documents should be considered voluntary guidelines. It does not preclude the application of other methods and equipment to ensure the efficacy of a thermal process and the delivery of a scheduled process. Please [click here] for details of the document development process.

Please Note: While other documents may have been circulated for comment during their development process, the documents listed here are the only guidelines approved by the IFTPS Board of Directors for publication and use.


9/1/21   FDA Views on Surrogate Selection & Calibration Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
9/1/21   How to maintain a low moisture Thermal Process between validations Brian Farina
9/1/21   Development of surrogates for lowwater activity bio-validation Linda Harris
9/1/21   Food Safety and Inspection Service Jonathan Huang, Ph.D. CFS
9/1/21   Selection, characterization, and application of test organisms Martin Lappann
9/1/21   Surrogate Spore Calibration Use in Low Acid Aseptic Processes with Hydrogen Peroxide Yuqian Lou, Ph.D. 
9/1/21   Use of Surrogatesin Thermal Processes Lisa Lucore,Ph.D. 
9/1/21   Historical Background on Surrogate Development for LAF Validation Wilfredo Ocasio, Ph.D. 
3/1/21   Enterococcus faecium on Surface of Peanuts during Convetive Dry Roasting Kaitlyn Casulli
3/1/21   2021 Annual Meeting IFTPS
3/1/21   Emperical Versus Numerical Methods for Modeling Heat Penetration Data Tim Haley
3/1/21   Spoilage Root Cause Analysis EJ Laven
3/1/21   Hydration of Dry Ingredients Dharmendra Mishra,Ph.D. 
3/1/21   Run Time Extension Best Practices in Aseptic Production Corpus Perez, Feranda Michelutti, Hanno Geissler
3/1/21   Flexible Packaging Integrity Scott Whiteside, Ph.D. 
3/1/21   Finished product Sampling Low-acid Canned Foods Kevin Wilgus
2/1/21   Baking process validation research: Current status and challenges Kantha Channaiah
3/1/20   Guideline for Shelf Stable Acid & Acidified Foods David Bresnahan
3/1/20   Widget Can - Is Entrapped Product Insulated from Retort Process? Scott Cabes
3/1/20   Do Microorganisms Rule Our World? Margarita Gomez
3/1/20   Updating Thermal Processing Source Documentations Ram Pandit, Ph.D. 
3/1/20   Processing Time Length Extension Considerations - Fowling Heat Exchangers Steven Stiefel
3/1/20   Ball Formula & General Methods Historical Perspectives and Proper Use Nikolaos G. Stoforos
3/1/20   Thermal Processing of Bread and Cake Gary Tucker
3/1/19   Can Seam Integrity and Food Safety - Implications for Industry Zink
2/1/19   An Organic Revolution Bob Anderson
2/1/19   Broken Heating Considerations Jacques Bichier
2/1/19   Challenge Studies for Acidified Foods Carrie Ferstl
2/1/19   2019 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/19   Risk Analysis to Establish the Lethality Target for Novel Aseptic Filler John Larkin
2/1/19   LACF Spoilages Caused by Thermal Process Survivors… Yuqian Lou, Ph.D. 
2/1/19   Canning vs Baking  Bradley Marks, Ph.D., P.E. 
2/1/19   How validation Pitfalls Translate to Inspection Citations and Warning Letters Nathan Anderson
2/1/19   Design Considerations New Machine and Container to Meet LACF USDA REGS Pritichard
2/1/19   From manual control to Smart Industry Salvy
2/1/19   Microbiological Troubleshooting Rick Stokes
2/1/19   Penetration Studies for In-Container Processing Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
2/1/19   Positive Intentional Communication Wright
11/1/18   Coconut Water Processing Liew Mei Hin
11/1/18   Systematic Troubleshooting  EJ Laven
11/1/18   Practical Approach to LWAF Validation Gary Ahmed
11/1/18   Safe Processing and ShelfLife Testing of R&D Samples for Aseptic and ESL Products Sandeep Rajan
11/1/18   MW pasteurization of Cooked Rice and Pineapple in Syrup Sirichai Songsermpong, Ph.D. 
8/1/18   Risk Assessment Approaches to Setting Thermal Processes in Food Manufacturing Philip Richardson
6/1/18   Guidelines for Validating electronic Chart Recorders  
3/1/18   Aseptic Systems; Validation, Verification, Monitoring; and the Need for Comprehensive Design Khalid Abdelrahim
3/1/18   How to make a validation acceptable to a regulator Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
3/1/18   Using and Vallidating Spreadsheets Jacques Bichier
3/1/18   Broken Heating Considerations Jacques Bichier
3/1/18   Regulatory Considerations for High Pressure Processing: FDA Perspective Glenn Black, Ph.D.
3/1/18   Electronic Records Electronic Signatures Batch Retorts & Controls Validation/Compliance Scott Cabes
3/1/18   Low Acid Canned Foods Acidified Foods - Online Scott Cabes
3/1/18   Facility and System Audit Considerations Mark Deniston
3/1/18   Fungal Spoilages in Hot Fill and Inversion Beverages Yuqian Lou, Ph.D. 
3/1/18   Digitall RTD Thermometers Garza
3/1/18   Design of Experiment in Aseptic System Development Hansen
3/1/18   Phase VTA: Vapor PAA Sterilization  Pavel Korzinek

3/1/18   Microbiological Indicators: Low Acid Aseptic Production Anna Nucum
3/1/18   Learnings on Thermal Process Validations for LMF Isabel Tenorio
2/1/18   GMP: Managing and monitoring the process Danny Bayliss
2/1/18   FDA's Approach to Process Filings & Validations Glenn Black, Ph.D.
2/1/18   Microbiologiaal Validation High Presse Pasteurization Proceses Carrie Ferstl
2/1/18   Gas Bariers in Aseptic Systems  
2/1/18   Post Process and Storage Measurements for Addressing Microbial Growth in Food Javier
2/1/18   Temperature distribution study results & Controlled factor in retort systems Thanath Ketsarin
2/1/18   High Pressure Processing Malcolm Knight, Jill Costelow 
2/1/18   HPP Traceability and Temperature Monitoring Gerald Ludwick
2/1/18   Applications of Temperature Variable Thermal Properties in Food Industry Dharmendra Mishra,Ph.D. 
2/1/18   Practical Metrology for Remote Temperature Measuring Devices David Mondiek
2/1/18   Ohmic Retort System Pitiya Kamonpatana, Ph.D. 
2/1/18   Wireless or Cable Systems for Temperature Distribution Studies Joseph Waldo P. Raynes
2/1/18   Basics on Aseptic Technology and Validation Andre Rehkopf
2/1/18   Heat Recovery on Batch Retorts Suys Jo
2/1/18   Packaging Considerations for HPP Kris Tong
2/1/18   General Method - Still the Golden Years Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
2/1/18   High Temperature Water Activity as Key Factor Thermal Resistance of … Jie Xu
1/1/18   F Value Driven Retort forCanned Food Sterilization  Roberto Gobita
11/1/17   Sysgtematic Troubleshooting EJ Laven
11/1/17   Comparative Study of High Pressure Processing, MVH, AND CH Leadley, Sevilla 
10/1/17   Aseptic filling solution for pre-made standup pouches Krackers, Sevilla
8/1/17   Surrogate bacteria for process validation of low water activity foods Edith Laloy Tronc, Ph.D. 
3/1/17   When Things Don't Go Right Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
3/1/17   Relevance of Record-keeping Glenn Black, Ph.D.
3/1/17   A Taste of Thermal Processing Legislation from South Africa and Around the World Susan Featherstone
3/1/17   Sterilants: Low-acid, Aseptic Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
3/1/17   Validation Approach for Paperless Electronic Chart Recording Systems Aakash Khurana, George Awuah
3/1/17   2017 Annual Meeting Kimball 
3/1/17   ResidualAir/Viscosity as Critical Factors on Rate of Heat Penetration of Food….. Mollye MacNaughton,Ph.D. 
3/1/17   Aeptic Packaging for the R&D Lab John J. Miles, Ph.D. 
3/1/17   Proper Documentation does not have borders Ferhan Ozadale, Ph.D., Emily Weyl
3/1/17   Bacteriology Learnings to Variable Water Activity Thermal Processes and Allied Domains Kai Purohit
3/1/17   Performance Objectives for Aseptic Validation Log 4 or Log 5? Mario Scucuglia
3/1/17   101 Aseptic: Critical Factors Ana Soares
3/1/17   Why I Like Retorts Stephen Sylvia
3/1/17   Low and Intermediate Water Activity Foods Abdullatif Tay, Ph.D. 
3/1/17   PEF Treatment of Fruit and Vegetable Products Stefan Toepfl
2/1/17   Validation Procedures for Automated Control of Food Processing Systems Dilip Chandarana, Ph.D., Mark Deniston
2/1/17   Aproaches to Validation of Alternative Processing Technologies Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
11/1/16   Process Evaluation and Critical Factors in Continuous Rotary Retorts Dan Brooks, Terry Heyliger
11/1/16   Thermal Processing of Heat Sensitive Food Products Cornejoq
11/1/16   Precooking Tuna John DeBeer, Christopher Lord
11/1/16   Packaging Geometry Impacts on Retort Thermal Processing Scott Whiteside, Ph.D. 
3/1/16   Effects of Steam/Air Mxt on Heat Transfer Products Products Processed in Steritort Mark Deniston
3/1/16   Sanitation Validation and Verification Rick Rector
3/1/16   Run Time Extension - From the Sanitation Perspective Rick Rector
3/1/16   Alternative Thermal Proessing Technologies K. P. Sandeep
3/1/16   Modeling Head Space Pressure Build Up as Polytropic Process in Retort Sterilization Arthur A. Teixeira, F. Lambert, S. Almonacid, R. Simpson
2/1/16   Regulatory Perspective on Heat Transfer Distribution in Retorts Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
2/1/16   Multiphase Modeling Helena Arph, Tetra Pak
2/1/16   High Pressure for Commercial Sterilization of Low-acid Shelf-stable foods V.M. Balasubramaniam
2/1/16   FDA's Approach to Process Filings & Validations Glenn Black, Ph.D.
2/1/16   General Method: Theory and Applications Ian Britt
2/1/16   Heat Transfer Distribution Steam Water Spray Retort Karen Brown
2/1/16   Heat Distribution: Impacts and Implications Dr. Flora Challou, Dr. Graham Bown
2/1/16   Back to Basic Retorts Colin Cheng
2/1/16   Mirobiological Testing Paul Gerhardt, Ph.D.
2/1/16   Impact of Technologies on Thermal Processing Tim Haley
2/1/16   Effect of Retort Motion on CUT in Water Spray Retorts R Harvey, C Shave,J Lanfare
2/1/16   Pre-treatment of Ingredients Mathias Johansson
2/1/16   Verification of Temperature Distribution in Crateless and Hydrostatic Retorts Thanath Ketsarin
2/1/16   2016 Annual Meeting Rick Kimball
2/1/16   Protecting an Iconic Brand Sean Leighton
2/1/16   In-Container Spoilages: Trouble Shooting Starts with Microbiological Analysis Yuqian Lou, Ph.D. 
2/1/16   Effect of Oscillating with Hold Technology on Heat Penetration Mollye MacNaughton,Ph.D. 
2/1/16   Statistical Considerations for Monitoring End Point Internal Product Temperature EPIPT Jim DeBeer, Fred Nolte, Christopher Lord, Jim Colton, Javier Colley, LisaWedding
2/1/16   Understanding heat Transfer in Retort Operations Hosahalli S. Ramaswamy, Ph.D. 
2/1/16   Green Light for Continuous Flow Microwave Sterilization of Aseptic Multiphase Products Josip Simunovic
2/1/16   Continuous Flow Microwave Processing Josip Simunovic
2/1/16   Sterility Maintenance in Aseptic Systems Abdullatif Tay, Ph.D., Julie Willette, David Bresnahan
2/1/16   Delivering Food Safety Objectives Darian Warne
2/1/16   Approaches to Validation of Alternative Processing Technologies Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
10/1/15   Combidome Cathedral Seilla, Cathedral Cologne, Sagrada Famila Barcelona
10/1/15   FDA LACF & Acidified On-Line Filing System Scott Cabes
10/1/15   Holding Tube Calculations Bernd Elhaus
10/1/15   Use of Microbiological Tools for Validation of Food Processes Laure Roger
10/1/15   Validating the Safety of Ingredients for Food Products Paul Young
5/1/15   How predictable is pack deflection in a retort? Nick May
3/1/15   Perspectives from the FDA -  Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
3/1/15   Update on Aseptics Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
3/1/15   Chart Recorder with Electronic Chart Recorder and Stay Compliant Jacques Bichier
3/1/15   Hydrostatic Retort Cooling Water Quality John Tunstall, Rick Brundage
3/1/15   Glance at Aseptic Processing of Foods with Particulates John Larkin
3/1/15   Microbiological Approaches for the Food Safety Modernization Act R. Dale Morton
3/1/15   Water Manufacturing Doug Osborn
3/1/15   Aseptic Controls and Automation Validation Ferhan Ozadali, Ph.D.

3/1/15   The Steam and Air Process  David Queffelec
3/1/15   Low Water Activity Processes Gary Tucker, Emma Maguire
2/1/15   Concepts and Considerations in Process Design Ian Britt
2/1/15   Multiplatform complex dynamic modelling of convective pasteurisation and TTI process Flora Challou
2/1/15   Food Recall Digeraanimo
2/1/15   Agitation Technology Options for Horizontally Oriented Containers Jacob Sevilla 
2/1/15   Systematic Troubleshooting  Mathias Johansson
2/1/15   Management of Change Long
2/1/15   Particle Processing in Continuous Processing Stream Z. Jun Weng, Ph.D. 
2/1/15   Product Rehydration as Critical Control Point for thermal process Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
11/1/14   Heat Transfer Distribution - case studies Roseann Batema 
11/1/14   Basics of Canning Retort Inspection & Maintenance Dan Brooks
11/1/14   Finite Difference Analyses to Assess Lethality and Quality Terry Heyliger
11/1/14   Filing Low-Acid Aseptic Systems with US FDA Wilfredo Ocasio, Ph.D. 
11/1/14   Temperature Management Mark Seiboth
11/1/14   Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization & Pasteurization Technology Development Juming Tang, Ph.D. 
11/1/14   Microwave Pasteurization Technology to Control Bacterial and Viral Pathogens… Juming Tang, Ph.D. 
3/1/14   FSMA - Domestic and Foreign Supplier Glenn Black, Ph.D.
3/1/14   Validation of Aseptic Thermal Processes Pablo Coronel
3/1/14   Controlling Double Seam Parameters Dr. Andy Davies 
3/1/14   Change Control for Thermal Processing Systems and Operations Mark Deniston
3/1/14   Remediation for Retort Systems Martin
3/1/14   Impact of the FSMA on R&D of Aseptic & Extended Shelf-Life Products John J. Miles, Ph.D. 
3/1/14   Improvements to the QA Procedures in the Processing Lines Re Manuel Paayas,ChE
3/1/14   Change Management for Production Automation  Jim Redifer
3/1/14   FDA Guidelines on Acidified Foods Arthur A. Teixeira
3/1/14   JBT JSP - 1 Low-Moisture Food Suface Pasteurizer to Control Food born Pathogens Z. Jun Weng, Ph.D. 
2/1/14   Retort System Troubleshooting: A Recommissioning Case Study Chris Bourne
2/1/14   Temperature, heat transfer and lethality distribution in food processing systems Ian Britt
2/1/14   Later Agitation Effects Shelf-Stable Food Products Flexible Semi-Rigid Containers Adam Reichert
2/1/14   Guidelines for Conducting Thermal Processing Studies  
2/1/14   Retort Packaging Product Safety Stauffer
2/1/14   Art of Microbiological Spoilage Analysis in Canned Foods Suzanne Tortorelli
2/1/14   Validation of Heat Treatments for Aseptic Processes Darian Warne, Douglas Bremner
2/1/14   Locating Thermocouples in Flexible Pouches Gordon Young
3/1/13   Update from FDA  
3/1/13   FDA Perspective on Validation Anderson
3/1/13   2013 Annual Meeting  IFTPS
3/1/13   Validation Computer Control Systems: Practical Approach Jacques Bichier
3/1/13   Valildation of Nut Processes: An ABC perspective Tim Birmingham 
3/1/13   When Is Not a Record, A Record? David Bresnahan
3/1/13   Managing a Validation Project Economides
3/1/13   Using Oxygen Sensors to Confirm Air Removal in Steam Retorts David French, Ph.D. 
3/1/13   Process Authority Role as Impacted by FSMA Dan Geffin
3/1/13   Food Safety - Industry - Government Cooperation U.S. Keith Ito
3/1/13   2013 Annual Meeting  IFTPS
3/1/13   Shelf Stable Process Cheese Products Loralyn Ledenbach
3/1/13   Leak Detection Advancements in Low Profile Containers Michael Mierjeski
3/1/13   Tetra Evero Aseptic Guido Moruzzi
3/1/13   Influence of Agitation Thermal Processing Variable on Color/Texture Canned Potatoes Navneet Singh Rattan
3/1/13   Aseptic Cleaning Validation - Root Cause Analysis - Troubleshooting Rick Rector
3/1/13   Aseptic Failures Due to Inappropriate Maintenance Rick Rector
3/1/13   The Importance of Definition in Validation Process Craig Reinhart
3/1/13   Benefits and Challenges of Advanced Aseptics Josip Simunovic

The Events that Changed Everything - 1971 and the 70's

Stephen H. Spinak
3/1/13   The Real World of Aseptics Stephen H. Spinak
2/1/13   Food Safety in Shaka Process: Thermal Inactivation Listeria in Fish Soup Baris Ates, Ph.D. 
2/1/13   Acidified/Low Acid Canned Food Filing Update Dan Geffin
2/1/13   Sublethally injured orgamisms for Aseptic Packaging Operations Joseph Heinzelmann
2/1/13   Thermal Processing Research at Campden BRI Gary Tucker
2/1/13   Validation of Processes for Manufacture of Chilled Meals using MicVac's Microwave Darian Warne
3/1/12   Use of Ohmic Heating in Aseptic Systems: Performance Advantages Qualification Steps Luca Belletti
3/1/12   Food Safety Modernization Act - Industry Perspective Chris Balestrini
3/1/12   Tetra Pak Aseptic Package Integrity Mike Bolstridge
3/1/12   Biofilm in an aseptic production facility Mike Bolstridge
3/1/12   Thermal Processing of acidified foods Fred Breidt
3/1/12   Process Validation and Food Safety Plan David Bresnahan
3/1/12   Thermapedia John Duff, Ozadali
3/1/12   USDA FSIS News and Updates John Filus
3/1/12   Overview Root Causes and Troubleshooting Procedures for Spoilage Diagnosis Hanno Geissler, Boris Boenigk
3/1/12   Plastic Packaging Material Thermal Processing Challenges Martin Geithmann
3/1/12   Spoilage in Acid Beverages Margarita Gomez
3/1/12   Achieving and Maintaining Double Seam Integrity David Lesley
3/1/12   Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists Joe Marcy
3/1/12   Ball Formula Method vs General Method Martin
3/1/12   Detection Systems for Container Integrity Michael Mierjeski
3/1/12   Aseptic Process Design Considerations - Lessons Larned from the Pharmaceutical Industry John J. Miles, Ph.D. 
3/1/12   Spoilage Investigations for Low-Acid Thermally Processed Foods Nina Parkinson
3/1/12   The Importance of Definition in Validation Process Craig Reinhart
3/1/12   Aseptic Processing of Multiphase Foods K. P. Sandeep
3/1/12   Thermal Destruction Kinetics of Bacillus Licheniformis Spores in Carrot Yetenayet Tola, Ph.D. 
2/1/12   2012 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/12   Evaluation of High Voltage Leak Detection Technique for Food Package Integrity Yoonseok Song, Ph.D. 
2/1/12   Innovations for Retort Pouch Integrity Stauffer
2/1/12   High Pressure Acidification of Carrot Yetenayet Tola, Ph.D. 
12/1/11   Validation Technology Hough
3/1/11   Risk Assessment Techniques Thjerman Process Optimization of UHT Low-Acid soups Alejandro Amezquita, Denis Kan-King-Yu
3/1/11   Harmonization of Approaches between Thailand & the EU Dr. Amorn Ngammongkolrat
3/1/11   Challenges of Acidified Product Development and Scale-Up  David Anderson
3/1/11   Thermal Process Fillings - Lessons Learned Fred Breidt
3/1/11   Thermal Processing Discipline to Control Salmonella in Low-Moisture Foods David Anderson
3/1/11   Thermapedia John Duff
3/1/11   Thermobacteriology, Thermal Processing Recall and Crisis Management George Evancho
3/1/11   Histogram of Food Processing and Packaging Fox
3/1/11   A Glass Free Biological Indicator for Use in Monitoring the Thermal Processing of Foods  John Gillis, Ph.D., Kurt McCauley
3/1/11   Venting through the Bleeders, Modified Vent Procedures for JBT … Pamela Hardt-English
3/1/11   USDA FSIS News and Updates Suzanne Hasiak
3/1/11   Thermal Processing in Bi-axially Rotating Cans Using Alginate Formulated Food….. Hussein Hassan, Ph.D. 
3/1/11   Effect of PH Equilibration Time on the Safety of Acidified Foods Brian Hendrickson
3/1/11   Preventing Post Process Leakage and Contamination of Acidified Foods Brian Hendrickson
3/1/11   Regulatory Aspects - Integrity of Food Containers Brian Hendrickson
3/1/11   21 CFR 113 - Final Rule John Larkin
3/1/11   Application of the Hurdle Concept Michele Marcotte
3/1/11   High Acid Process Design Considerations For Continuous Flow Processes John J. Miles, Ph.D. 
3/1/11   Where Art Meets Science Wilfredo Ocasio, Ph.D. 
3/1/11   Canadian regulations and Low Acid Canned Foods Denise Oudit
3/1/11   Qualification of Aseptic Filler and Packaging Material Sterilization Ferhan Ozadali, Ph.D., Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
3/1/11   Field Calibrartion Techniques for ATD's Pescarino
3/1/11   RTD Beverage Case Study Acetic Acid Bacterial Spoilage Issue….. Margo Pidgeon
3/1/11   Assessing Cleanability and Sterilizability of Aseptic Processing Lines Packaging Equip Gunner Rysstad
3/1/11   Utilization of Aseptic Principles and Practices for Extending Shelf Life … Richard Szyperski
3/1/11   Microwave sterilization, a potential technology for producing high quality food products Juming Tang, Ph.D. 
3/1/11   Effective packaging Surface Decontamination Gary Tucker, Richard Powell
3/1/11   High Acid and Acidified Beverages Jim Wilson, Sean Leighton
2/1/11   2011 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/11   Considerations for Testing Aseptic Systems within Acid pH Range Dilip Chandarana, Ph.D., Joshua Mugerwa, Jay Unverfeth
2/1/11   Management of Change Control Ferhan Ozadali, Ph.D.
2/1/11   Acid and Acidified Food Microbiology Richard Podolak, Ph.D. 
2/1/11   Other Agitation Options for Horizontally Oriented Containers: Gentle Motion/Shaka Adam Reichert
2/1/11   Why use the Retort as the Cooling Chamber? Strassheim
3/1/10   Validation of A TID in Retort Application Jacques Bichier
3/1/10   Factors Affecting Resistance of Bacterial Endospores in Food Systems Joseph Dalmasso, Ph.D. 
3/1/10   Basic Considerations for Aseptic Process Design: Non-Newtonian Fluids Dominick Damiano
3/1/10   Validation Procedures for Automated Control of Food Processing Systems Mark Deniston
3/1/10   Temperature Measurement Challenges John Duff
3/1/10   Calibration Standards, Records, and Tips Jim Eldridge
3/1/10   Alternative Sensors for Retort Applications Jim Eldridge
3/1/10   Retort Considerations Bernd Elhaus
3/1/10   Temperature Indicating Devices for 21 CFR 113 John Larkin
3/1/10   USDA Policy Update Carrie Leathers
3/1/10   Detail that can Jeopardize the Validated State of the Aseptic Systems Ferhan Ozadali, Ph.D.
3/1/10   Reliability Considerations in Steam Air Processing Kai Purohit
3/1/10   Finite Element Analysis Esmaeil Riahi, Michael Fiedler
3/1/10   Validating the Challenging Processes Philip Richardson, Andrew Green
3/1/10   Thermometry - Reliability and Technology Dean Ripple
3/1/10   Practical Calibration Applications Dean Ripple
3/1/10   History of NCIMS Aseptic Pilot Program Sayler
3/1/10   Ball's Formula Method Revisitedon Come-Up-Time Ricardo Simpson, Alik Abakarov. Sergio Almonacid, Arthur Teixeira
3/1/10   Recent Developments in Real-time Particle Flow Monitoring for Multiphase Aseptic  Josip Simunovic
3/1/10   NCIMS/PMO Aseptic Pilot Program Brian Thane
2/1/10   2010 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/10   Examples of TID Jacques Bichier
2/1/10   Brabender Consistomneter in Thermal Processing of Cream Style Corn JBT Sterilizers Karen Brown
2/1/10   Measuring & Predicting In-Package pressure profiles during retorting of….. Gaurav Ghai
2/1/10   Design Consideration for ATID Hansen
2/1/10   NCIMS Aseptic Pilot Program Captain Robert Hennes
2/1/10   Modernization of Food cGP Regulations Jenny Scott, Dr. John Larkin
2/1/10   Effect of Oscillating Retort Technology on Heat Penetration of Various Food Scott Whiteside, Ph.D. 
10/1/09   Biological Indicators for Process Establishment & Validation Rosanne Batema
10/1/09   Harmonization of Standards in Thermal Processing Malfalda Quintas, Teresa Brandao, Christina L.M. Silva

10/1/09   Solution to flexible retorting Karin DeGrave
10/1/09   Industrial Applications of the Ellab TrackSense Sky Transmitting System Geoff Shaw 
10/1/09   Biological Time Temperature Integrators Raquel Virto Resano
10/1/09   Energy Saving Strategies for Batch Retorts Richard Walden 
3/1/09   Risk -based Process Design of Aseptic Processing and Packaging Systems and FDA Perspective Nathan Anderson, Ph.D. 
3/1/09   Optimizing Thermal Processes in Waterspray Retorts Chris Balestrini
3/1/09   Processing in Water Spray Retorts Kevin Collins
3/1/09   Spore Growth and Destruction Joseph Dalmasso, Ph.D. 
3/1/09   ILSI Thermal Processing Activity Dr. Andy Davies 
3/1/09   Tomato Processing Bernd Elhaus
3/1/09   Reel & Spiral Process Issues Tim Fenton
3/1/09   Product and Process Profiling Dr. D. J. Freeman
3/1/09   Bacillus asa pressure-temperature-time indicator Tara Grauwet
3/1/09   Validation Tools in the Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries Pamela Hardt-English
3/1/09   News from the USDA Suzanne Hasiak
3/1/09   Predicting Splashing and Sloshing During Container Filling PW James, DI Graham, JP Hughes
3/1/09   Steam Water Spray Retorts Martin
3/1/09   Recent Development in Microbial Validation of Aseptic Packaging Systems Wilfredo Ocasio, Ph.D. 
3/1/09   On the Route to Optimize Batch Thermal Processing Ricardo Simpson, Alik Abakarov
3/1/09   Continuous Flow Microwave Sterilization Josip Simunovic
3/1/09   Heating mechanisms in Shaka processing D. Skipnes
3/1/09   Life on the Brighter Side Stephen H. Spinak
3/1/09   What in the World is Happening with retort Pouches & Trays? Strassheim
3/1/09   Recent Advances in Thermal Processing Technology Arthur A. Teixeira
2/1/09   Home Canning Today in the U. S.  Elizabeth Andress, Ph.D. 
2/1/09   2009 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/09   CFSAN Office of Food Safety Food Processing Evaluation Team0 Don Zink
2/1/09   Water Spray and Cascade Systems Dan Geffin
2/1/09   New Developments in Microbial Inactivation Modeling M. Peleg
2/1/09   Accommodating Differences in Regulatory Requirements Margo Pidgeon
2/1/09   Risk Based Determination of the Exposure Dwell Time to Lethal Agents… Alfredo C. Rodriguez
2/1/09   Reduction of can material thickness - consequences Grzegorz Rogala
2/1/09   Advances in TTI Technologies Gary Tucker, Helen Brown, Ingrid Schaffers
2/1/09   Temperature Distribution Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
3/1/08   Microbial Thermal Death Kinetics & Relationship to Fo R Dale Morton
3/1/08   Validation of Multiphase Aseptic Process Josip Simunovic
3/1/08   Heat penetration Studies on Shelf-Stable Ready-To-Eat Foods Retortable Trays Arthur A. Teixeira, Daisy Campos, Eric Doncel, Gaurav Ghai, Michael Griffin, Shiva Hafezi, Elana Rich
3/1/08   Modernizing the PMO for Regulation of Aseptic Grade A Dairy Plants Brian Thane
2/1/08   Risk-based Process Development: The Food Safety Objective Approach Nathan Anderson, Alfredo Rodriguez, Ph.D. 
2/1/08   Risk-based Process Develoopment: Food Safety Objective Approach Nathan Anderson, Ph.D.,  Alfredo Rodriguez, Ph.D. 
2/1/08   2008 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/08   Dimentionless Correlations for Convective Heat Tranfer to Canned Liquid Particlate…. Miritunjay Dwivedi
2/1/08   Impact of New Regulations on Thermometry Patrick Ginty
2/1/08   Improving Packaging in Pasteurized and Fresh Blue Crab Meat Robert Lane, Michael Jahncke, Ph.D., Tom Rippen 
2/1/08   Thermobacteriology - Lessons Learned John Larkin
2/1/08   Processing Significance of High Acid Microbiology Sean Leighton
2/1/08   Draft Guidelines for Aseptic Filter Validation and Integrity Testing Ferhan Ozadali, Ph.D.
2/1/08   Inoculated Pack Studies Count Reduction Method Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
10/1/07   Harmonization of Standards in Thermal Processing Ian Britt
10/1/07   International Auditing Standards for Thermal Processing Dan Brooks
10/1/07   Capabilities of Commercial Retorting Systems Karin DeGrave 
10/1/07   Definition of Thermal Processing Bernd Elhaus
10/1/07   Modelling and Simulation of Retort Process Bernd Elhaus
10/1/07   Advanced Calibration Jan Eriksen
10/1/07   Harmonization of Standards in Thermal Processing Dennis Keane
10/1/07   Thermal Process Survival & Enzymic Thinning of Canned Soups John S. Murray
10/1/07   Research Related toNovel Heating Techniques D. Skipnes
8/1/07   Temperature Indicating Device - Design and Selection Jim Eldridge
8/1/07   Temperature Indicating Devices for 21 CFR 113 John Larkin
5/1/07   Rotary Cooker & Cooler Nick May
4/1/07   Guidance Document Development and Approval Process  
3/1/07   Use of ATID's in Aseptic Processing David Bresnahan
3/1/07   FDA Form 2541c Digeraanimo
3/1/07   Environmental Validation Chris Finch
3/1/07   Techniques to Match Continuous Flow Thermal Processes John J. Miles, Ph.D. 
3/1/07   Guidelines for Microbiological Validation of Presterilisation of Aseptic Fillers Doug Osborn
3/1/07   Validation Guidelines for Package Sterilization Sevugan Palaniappan
3/1/07   Reliability and Traceability of Electronic Thermometers Dean Ripple
3/1/07   Introduction to the FSO Approach Alfredo C. Rodriguez
3/1/07   Value and Acceptance of Mathematical Modeling Josip Simunovic
3/1/07   Why Filings Were Introduced in the US in 1973 Stephen H. Spinak
3/1/07   The History of FDA Forms 2541, 2541a, and 2541c Stephen H. Spinak
3/1/07   Process Filing - The Technical Review Process Stephen H. Spinak
3/1/07   NASA Mission to Mars: Advanced Life Support w/Retort Pouch &Ohmic Heating Tech Arthur A. Teixeira
3/1/07   Process Calculation Methods, Background to Options Gary Tucker
2/1/07   2007 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/07   Heat Penetration Parameters, Miniature Remote Temps Sensors vs Type T George Awuah, Ph.D., Aakash Khurana, jLisa Wedding, Chris Balestrini, Brad Shafer 
2/1/07   EMI Concerns and Validation for Equipment Used to Measure Critical Fluids George Bowman
2/1/07   Review of FDA Form 2541a Kevin Collins
2/1/07   FDA Thermal Processing Update Dan Geffin
2/1/07   The M-I-G Thermometer Patrick Ginty
2/1/07   Comparison of Thermal Process Validation Methods Andrew Green
2/1/07   Using the DART Digital Reference Thermometer on Retort Systems Tim Haley
2/1/07   Validation Protocols for Aseptic Processing and Packaging Systems Kurt, Fafal, Mark, Dilip, and Jay
2/1/07   Statistical Aspects of Validation of Aseptic Fillers Guido Moruzzi
2/1/07   Convective heat transfer coefficients in canned liquid particle mixtures subjected to axial  Mritunjay Dwivedi, H. S. Ramaswamy
2/1/07   Defining Critical Factors David Park
2/1/07   Current IFTPS Protocols for Temperature Distribution and Heat Penetration David Park
2/1/07   Challenges Facing a Process Specialist Implementing a Non-thermal Process Kailash S. Purohit, Ph.D. 
2/1/07   European Filling Process: Similarities and Differences Gary Tucker
2/1/07   Fresher, Better Tasting Food and Drink Richard Walden, John Emanuel
2/1/07   2541 Form Facility Registration Weise
2/1/07   Documenting and Filing LACF Process with FDA Weise
2/1/07   Value and Acceptance of Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Studies…. Z. Jun Weng, Ph.D. 
2/1/07   On-line Process Deviation correction for Batch & Continuous Retort Systems Z. Jun Weng, Ph.D. 
2/1/07   Harmonization of Standards in Thermal Processing Francois Zuber
3/1/06   Food Safety Objective Concept Guido Moruzzi
2/1/06   Low Acid Canned Food Filing - Neverever 2000 Aseptic Filling Machine  Douglas Osborn and Ferhan Ozadali, PhD. 
2/1/06   Tips for Being a "Value Added" Process Authority Chris Balestrini 
2/1/06   Controls Validation Guidelines for Automated Aseptic Processing and Packaging Systems  Peter Kwarteng
2/1/06   Validation of Aseptic Processes B. Elhaus
2/1/06   A Glass Free Biological Indicator for Use in Monitoring the Thermal Processing of Foods  John R. Gillis, Ph.D.; Kurt McCauley
2/1/06   On-line correction of Process Temperature Deviations in Continuous Retorts Guibing Chen, O, H. Campanella, C. N. Corvalan, T. A. Haley
2/1/06   Temperature Distribution Studies in the FMC FoodTech SuperAgi Retort  
2/1/06   Shibuya/DNP High Speed Rotary PET/HDPE Aseptic Filling System Yoshi Izumi
2/1/06   Practical Metrology for Remote Temperature Measuring Devices David Mondiek
2/1/06   Draft Guidelines on Microbiological Validationn of Aseptic Fillers Guido Moruzzi
2/1/06   Interactive Mock Validation and DDA Filing for Aseptic Processing and Packing Systems Douglas Osborn and Ferhan Ozadali, PhD. 
2/1/06   Microbiological Validation of Low-Acid Aseptic Systems Wilfredo Ocasio, Ph.D. 
2/1/06   Liability and Risk Management for Process Authorities Barbara Rasco, BSE, Ph.D., JD
2/1/06   Thermal Process Optimisation Using Deflection & Pressure Measurement Markj Seiboth
2/1/06   Use of Wireless Dataloggers for Temperature Mapping Studies in an ISO 17025 Accrediatyion Program John J. Sullivan
2/1/06   On-line Correction of Process Deviaitons for Batch Retorts Ricardo Simpson, Arthur Teixzeira, and Isabel Figueroa
2/1/06   Measure Sterilisation to Processes Gary Tucker
2/1/06   Functional Barrier Material on Shelf Life of Salmon Packaged in Retort Pouches Byun, Y.J. and Whiteside, W.S.
2/1/06   2006 Annual Meeting   IFTPS
2/1/05   Guidelines - Microbiological Validation Sterilization of Aseptic Filling Machines…  
6/1/04   Nomenclature for Studies in Thermal Processing  
3/1/04   Novel Sterilization Technologies Ben Zhang, Ph.D. 
2/1/99   The Future of Thermal Processing of Foods Marvin Tung, Ian Britt

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