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9/1/21   FDA Views on Surrogate Selection & Calibration Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
9/1/21   How to maintain a low moisture Thermal Process between validations Brian Farina
9/1/21   Development of surrogates for lowwater activity bio-validation Linda Harris
9/1/21   Food Safety and Inspection Service Jonathan Huang, Ph.D. CFS
9/1/21   Selection, characterization, and application of test organisms Martin Lappann
9/1/21   Surrogate Spore Calibration Use in Low Acid Aseptic Processes with Hydrogen Peroxide Yuqian Lou, Ph.D. 
9/1/21   Use of Surrogatesin Thermal Processes Lisa Lucore,Ph.D. 
9/1/21   Historical Background on Surrogate Development for LAF Validation Wilfredo Ocasio, Ph.D. 
3/1/21   Enterococcus faecium on Surface of Peanuts during Convetive Dry Roasting Kaitlyn Casulli
3/1/21   2021 Annual Meeting IFTPS
3/1/21   Emperical Versus Numerical Methods for Modeling Heat Penetration Data Tim Haley
3/1/21   Spoilage Root Cause Analysis EJ Laven
3/1/21   Hydration of Dry Ingredients Dharmendra Mishra,Ph.D. 
3/1/21   Run Time Extension Best Practices in Aseptic Production Corpus Perez, Feranda Michelutti, Hanno Geissler
3/1/21   Flexible Packaging Integrity Scott Whiteside, Ph.D. 
3/1/21   Finished product Sampling Low-acid Canned Foods Kevin Wilgus
2/1/21   Baking process validation research: Current status and challenges Kantha Channaiah
3/1/20   Guideline for Shelf Stable Acid & Acidified Foods David Bresnahan
3/1/20   Widget Can - Is Entrapped Product Insulated from Retort Process? Scott Cabes
3/1/20   Do Microorganisms Rule Our World? Margarita Gomez
3/1/20   Updating Thermal Processing Source Documentations Ram Pandit, Ph.D. 
3/1/20   Processing Time Length Extension Considerations - Fowling Heat Exchangers Steven Stiefel
3/1/20   Ball Formula & General Methods Historical Perspectives and Proper Use Nikolaos G. Stoforos
3/1/20   Thermal Processing of Bread and Cake Gary Tucker
3/1/19   Can Seam Integrity and Food Safety - Implications for Industry Zink
2/1/19   An Organic Revolution Bob Anderson
2/1/19   Broken Heating Considerations Jacques Bichier
2/1/19   Challenge Studies for Acidified Foods Carrie Ferstl
2/1/19   2019 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/19   Risk Analysis to Establish the Lethality Target for Novel Aseptic Filler John Larkin
2/1/19   LACF Spoilages Caused by Thermal Process Survivors… Yuqian Lou, Ph.D. 
2/1/19   Canning vs Baking  Bradley Marks, Ph.D., P.E. 
2/1/19   How validation Pitfalls Translate to Inspection Citations and Warning Letters Nathan Anderson
2/1/19   Design Considerations New Machine and Container to Meet LACF USDA REGS Pritichard
2/1/19   From manual control to Smart Industry Salvy
2/1/19   Microbiological Troubleshooting Rick Stokes
2/1/19   Penetration Studies for In-Container Processing Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
2/1/19   Positive Intentional Communication Wright
11/1/18   Coconut Water Processing Liew Mei Hin
11/1/18   Systematic Troubleshooting  EJ Laven
11/1/18   Practical Approach to LWAF Validation Gary Ahmed
11/1/18   Safe Processing and ShelfLife Testing of R&D Samples for Aseptic and ESL Products Sandeep Rajan
11/1/18   MW pasteurization of Cooked Rice and Pineapple in Syrup Sirichai Songsermpong, Ph.D. 
8/1/18   Risk Assessment Approaches to Setting Thermal Processes in Food Manufacturing Philip Richardson
6/1/18   Guidelines for Validating electronic Chart Recorders  
3/1/18   Aseptic Systems; Validation, Verification, Monitoring; and the Need for Comprehensive Design Khalid Abdelrahim
3/1/18   How to make a validation acceptable to a regulator Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
3/1/18   Using and Vallidating Spreadsheets Jacques Bichier
3/1/18   Broken Heating Considerations Jacques Bichier
3/1/18   Regulatory Considerations for High Pressure Processing: FDA Perspective Glenn Black, Ph.D.
3/1/18   Electronic Records Electronic Signatures Batch Retorts & Controls Validation/Compliance Scott Cabes
3/1/18   Low Acid Canned Foods Acidified Foods - Online Scott Cabes
3/1/18   Facility and System Audit Considerations Mark Deniston
3/1/18   Fungal Spoilages in Hot Fill and Inversion Beverages Yuqian Lou, Ph.D. 
3/1/18   Digitall RTD Thermometers Garza
3/1/18   Design of Experiment in Aseptic System Development Hansen
3/1/18   Phase VTA: Vapor PAA Sterilization  Pavel Korzinek

3/1/18   Microbiological Indicators: Low Acid Aseptic Production Anna Nucum
3/1/18   Learnings on Thermal Process Validations for LMF Isabel Tenorio
2/1/18   GMP: Managing and monitoring the process Danny Bayliss
2/1/18   FDA's Approach to Process Filings & Validations Glenn Black, Ph.D.
2/1/18   Microbiologiaal Validation High Presse Pasteurization Proceses Carrie Ferstl
2/1/18   Gas Bariers in Aseptic Systems  
2/1/18   Post Process and Storage Measurements for Addressing Microbial Growth in Food Javier
2/1/18   Temperature distribution study results & Controlled factor in retort systems Thanath Ketsarin
2/1/18   High Pressure Processing Malcolm Knight, Jill Costelow 
2/1/18   HPP Traceability and Temperature Monitoring Gerald Ludwick
2/1/18   Applications of Temperature Variable Thermal Properties in Food Industry Dharmendra Mishra,Ph.D. 
2/1/18   Practical Metrology for Remote Temperature Measuring Devices David Mondiek
2/1/18   Ohmic Retort System Pitiya Kamonpatana, Ph.D. 
2/1/18   Wireless or Cable Systems for Temperature Distribution Studies Joseph Waldo P. Raynes
2/1/18   Basics on Aseptic Technology and Validation Andre Rehkopf
2/1/18   Heat Recovery on Batch Retorts Suys Jo
2/1/18   Packaging Considerations for HPP Kris Tong
2/1/18   General Method - Still the Golden Years Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
2/1/18   High Temperature Water Activity as Key Factor Thermal Resistance of … Jie Xu
1/1/18   F Value Driven Retort forCanned Food Sterilization  Roberto Gobita
11/1/17   Sysgtematic Troubleshooting EJ Laven
11/1/17   Comparative Study of High Pressure Processing, MVH, AND CH Leadley, Sevilla 
10/1/17   Aseptic filling solution for pre-made standup pouches Krackers, Sevilla
8/1/17   Surrogate bacteria for process validation of low water activity foods Edith Laloy Tronc, Ph.D. 
3/1/17   When Things Don't Go Right Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
3/1/17   Relevance of Record-keeping Glenn Black, Ph.D.
3/1/17   A Taste of Thermal Processing Legislation from South Africa and Around the World Susan Featherstone
3/1/17   Sterilants: Low-acid, Aseptic Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
3/1/17   Validation Approach for Paperless Electronic Chart Recording Systems Aakash Khurana, George Awuah
3/1/17   2017 Annual Meeting Kimball 
3/1/17   ResidualAir/Viscosity as Critical Factors on Rate of Heat Penetration of Food….. Mollye MacNaughton,Ph.D. 
3/1/17   Aeptic Packaging for the R&D Lab John J. Miles, Ph.D. 
3/1/17   Proper Documentation does not have borders Ferhan Ozadale, Ph.D., Emily Weyl
3/1/17   Bacteriology Learnings to Variable Water Activity Thermal Processes and Allied Domains Kai Purohit
3/1/17   Performance Objectives for Aseptic Validation Log 4 or Log 5? Marcio Scucuglia
3/1/17   101 Aseptic: Critical Factors Ana Soares
3/1/17   Why I Like Retorts Stephen Sylvia
3/1/17   Low and Intermediate Water Activity Foods Abdullatif Tay, Ph.D. 
3/1/17   PEF Treatment of Fruit and Vegetable Products Stefan Toepfl
2/1/17   Validation Procedures for Automated Control of Food Processing Systems Dilip Chandarana, Ph.D., Mark Deniston
2/1/17   Aproaches to Validation of Alternative Processing Technologies Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
11/1/16   Process Evaluation and Critical Factors in Continuous Rotary Retorts Dan Brooks, Terry Heyliger
11/1/16   Thermal Processing of Heat Sensitive Food Products Cornejoq
11/1/16   Precooking Tuna John DeBeer, Christopher Lord
11/1/16   Packaging Geometry Impacts on Retort Thermal Processing Scott Whiteside, Ph.D. 
3/1/16   Effects of Steam/Air Mxt on Heat Transfer Products Products Processed in Steritort Mark Deniston
3/1/16   Sanitation Validation and Verification Rick Rector
3/1/16   Run Time Extension - From the Sanitation Perspective Rick Rector
3/1/16   Alternative Thermal Proessing Technologies K. P. Sandeep
3/1/16   Modeling Head Space Pressure Build Up as Polytropic Process in Retort Sterilization Arthur A. Teixeira, F. Lambert, S. Almonacid, R. Simpson
2/1/16   Regulatory Perspective on Heat Transfer Distribution in Retorts Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
2/1/16   Multiphase Modeling Helena Arph, Tetra Pak
2/1/16   High Pressure for Commercial Sterilization of Low-acid Shelf-stable foods V.M. Balasubramaniam
2/1/16   FDA's Approach to Process Filings & Validations Glenn Black, Ph.D.
2/1/16   General Method: Theory and Applications Ian Britt
2/1/16   Heat Transfer Distribution Steam Water Spray Retort Karen Brown
2/1/16   Heat Distribution: Impacts and Implications Dr. Flora Challou, Dr. Graham Bown
2/1/16   Back to Basic Retorts Colin Cheng
2/1/16   Mirobiological Testing Paul Gerhardt, Ph.D.
2/1/16   Impact of Technologies on Thermal Processing Tim Haley
2/1/16   Effect of Retort Motion on CUT in Water Spray Retorts R Harvey, C Shave,J Lanfare
2/1/16   Pre-treatment of Ingredients Mathias Johansson
2/1/16   Verification of Temperature Distribution in Crateless and Hydrostatic Retorts Thanath Ketsarin
2/1/16   2016 Annual Meeting Rick Kimball
2/1/16   Protecting an Iconic Brand Sean Leighton
2/1/16   In-Container Spoilages: Trouble Shooting Starts with Microbiological Analysis Yuqian Lou, Ph.D. 
2/1/16   Effect of Oscillating with Hold Technology on Heat Penetration Mollye MacNaughton,Ph.D. 
2/1/16   Statistical Considerations for Monitoring End Point Internal Product Temperature EPIPT Jim DeBeer, Fred Nolte, Christopher Lord, Jim Colton, Javier Colley, LisaWedding
2/1/16   Understanding heat Transfer in Retort Operations Hosahalli S. Ramaswamy, Ph.D. 
2/1/16   Green Light for Continuous Flow Microwave Sterilization of Aseptic Multiphase Products Josip Simunovic
2/1/16   Continuous Flow Microwave Processing Josip Simunovic
2/1/16   Sterility Maintenance in Aseptic Systems Abdullatif Tay, Ph.D., Julie Willette, David Bresnahan
2/1/16   Delivering Food Safety Objectives Darian Warne
2/1/16   Approaches to Validation of Alternative Processing Technologies Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
10/1/15   Combidome Cathedral Seilla, Cathedral Cologne, Sagrada Famila Barcelona
10/1/15   FDA LACF & Acidified On-Line Filing System Scott Cabes
10/1/15   Holding Tube Calculations Bernd Elhaus
10/1/15   Use of Microbiological Tools for Validation of Food Processes Laure Roger
10/1/15   Validating the Safety of Ingredients for Food Products Paul Young
5/1/15   How predictable is pack deflection in a retort? Nick May
3/1/15   Perspectives from the FDA -  Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
3/1/15   Update on Aseptics Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
3/1/15   Chart Recorder with Electronic Chart Recorder and Stay Compliant Jacques Bichier
3/1/15   Hydrostatic Retort Cooling Water Quality John Tunstall, Rick Brundage
3/1/15   Glance at Aseptic Processing of Foods with Particulates John Larkin
3/1/15   Microbiological Approaches for the Food Safety Modernization Act R. Dale Morton
3/1/15   Water Manufacturing Doug Osborn
3/1/15   Aseptic Controls and Automation Validation Ferhan Ozadali, Ph.D.

3/1/15   The Steam and Air Process  David Queffelec
3/1/15   Low Water Activity Processes Gary Tucker, Emma Maguire
2/1/15   Concepts and Considerations in Process Design Ian Britt
2/1/15   Multiplatform complex dynamic modelling of convective pasteurisation and TTI process Flora Challou
2/1/15   Food Recall Digeraanimo
2/1/15   Agitation Technology Options for Horizontally Oriented Containers Jacob Sevilla 
2/1/15   Systematic Troubleshooting  Mathias Johansson
2/1/15   Management of Change Long
2/1/15   Particle Processing in Continuous Processing Stream Z. Jun Weng, Ph.D. 
2/1/15   Product Rehydration as Critical Control Point for thermal process Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
11/1/14   Heat Transfer Distribution - case studies Roseann Batema 
11/1/14   Basics of Canning Retort Inspection & Maintenance Dan Brooks
11/1/14   Finite Difference Analyses to Assess Lethality and Quality Terry Heyliger
11/1/14   Filing Low-Acid Aseptic Systems with US FDA Wilfredo Ocasio, Ph.D. 
11/1/14   Temperature Management Mark Seiboth
11/1/14   Microwave Assisted Thermal Sterilization & Pasteurization Technology Development Juming Tang, Ph.D. 
11/1/14   Microwave Pasteurization Technology to Control Bacterial and Viral Pathogens… Juming Tang, Ph.D. 
3/1/14   FSMA - Domestic and Foreign Supplier Glenn Black, Ph.D.
3/1/14   Validation of Aseptic Thermal Processes Pablo Coronel
3/1/14   Controlling Double Seam Parameters Dr. Andy Davies 
3/1/14   Change Control for Thermal Processing Systems and Operations Mark Deniston
3/1/14   Remediation for Retort Systems Martin
3/1/14   Impact of the FSMA on R&D of Aseptic & Extended Shelf-Life Products John J. Miles, Ph.D. 
3/1/14   Improvements to the QA Procedures in the Processing Lines Re Manuel Paayas,ChE
3/1/14   Change Management for Production Automation  Jim Redifer
3/1/14   FDA Guidelines on Acidified Foods Arthur A. Teixeira
3/1/14   JBT JSP - 1 Low-Moisture Food Suface Pasteurizer to Control Food born Pathogens Z. Jun Weng, Ph.D. 
2/1/14   Retort System Troubleshooting: A Recommissioning Case Study Chris Bourne
2/1/14   Temperature, heat transfer and lethality distribution in food processing systems Ian Britt
2/1/14   Later Agitation Effects Shelf-Stable Food Products Flexible Semi-Rigid Containers Adam Reichert
2/1/14   Guidelines for Conducting Thermal Processing Studies  
2/1/14   Retort Packaging Product Safety Stauffer
2/1/14   Art of Microbiological Spoilage Analysis in Canned Foods Suzanne Tortorelli
2/1/14   Validation of Heat Treatments for Aseptic Processes Darian Warne, Douglas Bremner
2/1/14   Locating Thermocouples in Flexible Pouches Gordon Young
3/1/13   Update from FDA  
3/1/13   FDA Perspective on Validation Anderson
3/1/13   2013 Annual Meeting  IFTPS
3/1/13   Validation Computer Control Systems: Practical Approach Jacques Bichier
3/1/13   Valildation of Nut Processes: An ABC perspective Tim Birmingham 
3/1/13   When Is Not a Record, A Record? David Bresnahan
3/1/13   Managing a Validation Project Economides
3/1/13   Using Oxygen Sensors to Confirm Air Removal in Steam Retorts David French, Ph.D. 
3/1/13   Process Authority Role as Impacted by FSMA Dan Geffin
3/1/13   Food Safety - Industry - Government Cooperation U.S. Keith Ito
3/1/13   2013 Annual Meeting  IFTPS
3/1/13   Shelf Stable Process Cheese Products Loralyn Ledenbach
3/1/13   Leak Detection Advancements in Low Profile Containers Michael Mierjeski
3/1/13   Tetra Evero Aseptic Guido Moruzzi
3/1/13   Influence of Agitation Thermal Processing Variable on Color/Texture Canned Potatoes Navneet Singh Rattan
3/1/13   Aseptic Cleaning Validation - Root Cause Analysis - Troubleshooting Rick Rector
3/1/13   Aseptic Failures Due to Inappropriate Maintenance Rick Rector
3/1/13   The Importance of Definition in Validation Process Craig Reinhart
3/1/13   Benefits and Challenges of Advanced Aseptics Josip Simunovic

The Events that Changed Everything - 1971 and the 70's

Stephen H. Spinak
3/1/13   The Real World of Aseptics Stephen H. Spinak
2/1/13   Food Safety in Shaka Process: Thermal Inactivation Listeria in Fish Soup Baris Ates, Ph.D. 
2/1/13   Acidified/Low Acid Canned Food Filing Update Dan Geffin
2/1/13   Sublethally injured orgamisms for Aseptic Packaging Operations Joseph Heinzelmann
2/1/13   Thermal Processing Research at Campden BRI Gary Tucker
2/1/13   Validation of Processes for Manufacture of Chilled Meals using MicVac's Microwave Darian Warne
3/1/12   Use of Ohmic Heating in Aseptic Systems: Performance Advantages Qualification Steps Luca Belletti
3/1/12   Food Safety Modernization Act - Industry Perspective Chris Balestrini
3/1/12   Tetra Pak Aseptic Package Integrity Mike Bolstridge
3/1/12   Biofilm in an aseptic production facility Mike Bolstridge
3/1/12   Thermal Processing of acidified foods Fred Breidt
3/1/12   Process Validation and Food Safety Plan David Bresnahan
3/1/12   Thermapedia John Duff, Ozadali
3/1/12   USDA FSIS News and Updates John Filus
3/1/12   Overview Root Causes and Troubleshooting Procedures for Spoilage Diagnosis Hanno Geissler, Boris Boenigk
3/1/12   Plastic Packaging Material Thermal Processing Challenges Martin Geithmann
3/1/12   Spoilage in Acid Beverages Margarita Gomez
3/1/12   Achieving and Maintaining Double Seam Integrity David Lesley
3/1/12   Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists Joe Marcy
3/1/12   Ball Formula Method vs General Method Martin
3/1/12   Detection Systems for Container Integrity Michael Mierjeski
3/1/12   Aseptic Process Design Considerations - Lessons Larned from the Pharmaceutical Industry John J. Miles, Ph.D. 
3/1/12   Spoilage Investigations for Low-Acid Thermally Processed Foods Nina Parkinson
3/1/12   The Importance of Definition in Validation Process Craig Reinhart
3/1/12   Aseptic Processing of Multiphase Foods K. P. Sandeep
3/1/12   Thermal Destruction Kinetics of Bacillus Licheniformis Spores in Carrot Yetenayet Tola, Ph.D. 
2/1/12   2012 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/12   Evaluation of High Voltage Leak Detection Technique for Food Package Integrity Yoonseok Song, Ph.D. 
2/1/12   Innovations for Retort Pouch Integrity Stauffer
2/1/12   High Pressure Acidification of Carrot Yetenayet Tola, Ph.D. 
12/1/11   Validation Technology Hough
3/1/11   Risk Assessment Techniques Thjerman Process Optimization of UHT Low-Acid soups Alejandro Amezquita, Denis Kan-King-Yu
3/1/11   Harmonization of Approaches between Thailand & the EU Dr. Amorn Ngammongkolrat
3/1/11   Challenges of Acidified Product Development and Scale-Up  David Anderson
3/1/11   Thermal Process Fillings - Lessons Learned Fred Breidt
3/1/11   Thermal Processing Discipline to Control Salmonella in Low-Moisture Foods David Anderson
3/1/11   Thermapedia John Duff
3/1/11   Thermobacteriology, Thermal Processing Recall and Crisis Management George Evancho
3/1/11   Histogram of Food Processing and Packaging Fox
3/1/11   A Glass Free Biological Indicator for Use in Monitoring the Thermal Processing of Foods  John Gillis, Ph.D., Kurt McCauley
3/1/11   Venting through the Bleeders, Modified Vent Procedures for JBT … Pamela Hardt-English
3/1/11   USDA FSIS News and Updates Suzanne Hasiak
3/1/11   Thermal Processing in Bi-axially Rotating Cans Using Alginate Formulated Food….. Hussein Hassan, Ph.D. 
3/1/11   Effect of PH Equilibration Time on the Safety of Acidified Foods Brian Hendrickson
3/1/11   Preventing Post Process Leakage and Contamination of Acidified Foods Brian Hendrickson
3/1/11   Regulatory Aspects - Integrity of Food Containers Brian Hendrickson
3/1/11   21 CFR 113 - Final Rule John Larkin
3/1/11   Application of the Hurdle Concept Michele Marcotte
3/1/11   High Acid Process Design Considerations For Continuous Flow Processes John J. Miles, Ph.D. 
3/1/11   Where Art Meets Science Wilfredo Ocasio, Ph.D. 
3/1/11   Canadian regulations and Low Acid Canned Foods Denise Oudit
3/1/11   Qualification of Aseptic Filler and Packaging Material Sterilization Ferhan Ozadali, Ph.D., Nate Anderson, Ph.D. 
3/1/11   Field Calibrartion Techniques for ATD's Pescarino
3/1/11   RTD Beverage Case Study Acetic Acid Bacterial Spoilage Issue….. Margo Pidgeon
3/1/11   Assessing Cleanability and Sterilizability of Aseptic Processing Lines Packaging Equip Gunner Rysstad
3/1/11   Utilization of Aseptic Principles and Practices for Extending Shelf Life … Richard Szyperski
3/1/11   Microwave sterilization, a potential technology for producing high quality food products Juming Tang, Ph.D. 
3/1/11   Effective packaging Surface Decontamination Gary Tucker, Richard Powell
3/1/11   High Acid and Acidified Beverages Jim Wilson, Sean Leighton
2/1/11   2011 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/11   Considerations for Testing Aseptic Systems within Acid pH Range Dilip Chandarana, Ph.D., Joshua Mugerwa, Jay Unverfeth
2/1/11   Management of Change Control Ferhan Ozadali, Ph.D.
2/1/11   Acid and Acidified Food Microbiology Richard Podolak, Ph.D. 
2/1/11   Other Agitation Options for Horizontally Oriented Containers: Gentle Motion/Shaka Adam Reichert
2/1/11   Why use the Retort as the Cooling Chamber? Strassheim
3/1/10   Validation of A TID in Retort Application Jacques Bichier
3/1/10   Factors Affecting Resistance of Bacterial Endospores in Food Systems Joseph Dalmasso, Ph.D. 
3/1/10   Basic Considerations for Aseptic Process Design: Non-Newtonian Fluids Dominick Damiano
3/1/10   Validation Procedures for Automated Control of Food Processing Systems Mark Deniston
3/1/10   Temperature Measurement Challenges John Duff
3/1/10   Calibration Standards, Records, and Tips Jim Eldridge
3/1/10   Alternative Sensors for Retort Applications Jim Eldridge
3/1/10   Retort Considerations Bernd Elhaus
3/1/10   Temperature Indicating Devices for 21 CFR 113 John Larkin
3/1/10   USDA Policy Update Carrie Leathers
3/1/10   Detail that can Jeopardize the Validated State of the Aseptic Systems Ferhan Ozadali, Ph.D.
3/1/10   Reliability Considerations in Steam Air Processing Kai Purohit
3/1/10   Finite Element Analysis Esmaeil Riahi, Michael Fiedler
3/1/10   Validating the Challenging Processes Philip Richardson, Andrew Green
3/1/10   Thermometry - Reliability and Technology Dean Ripple
3/1/10   Practical Calibration Applications Dean Ripple
3/1/10   History of NCIMS Aseptic Pilot Program Sayler
3/1/10   Ball's Formula Method Revisitedon Come-Up-Time Ricardo Simpson, Alik Abakarov. Sergio Almonacid, Arthur Teixeira
3/1/10   Recent Developments in Real-time Particle Flow Monitoring for Multiphase Aseptic  Josip Simunovic
3/1/10   NCIMS/PMO Aseptic Pilot Program Brian Thane
2/1/10   2010 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/10   Examples of TID Jacques Bichier
2/1/10   Brabender Consistomneter in Thermal Processing of Cream Style Corn JBT Sterilizers Karen Brown
2/1/10   Measuring & Predicting In-Package pressure profiles during retorting of….. Gaurav Ghai
2/1/10   Design Consideration for ATID Hansen
2/1/10   NCIMS Aseptic Pilot Program Captain Robert Hennes
2/1/10   Modernization of Food cGP Regulations Jenny Scott, Dr. John Larkin
2/1/10   Effect of Oscillating Retort Technology on Heat Penetration of Various Food Scott Whiteside, Ph.D. 
10/1/09   Biological Indicators for Process Establishment & Validation Rosanne Batema
10/1/09   Harmonization of Standards in Thermal Processing Malfalda Quintas, Teresa Brandao, Christina L.M. Silva

10/1/09   Solution to flexible retorting Karin DeGrave
10/1/09   Industrial Applications of the Ellab TrackSense Sky Transmitting System Geoff Shaw 
10/1/09   Biological Time Temperature Integrators Raquel Virto Resano
10/1/09   Energy Saving Strategies for Batch Retorts Richard Walden 
3/1/09   Risk -based Process Design of Aseptic Processing and Packaging Systems and FDA Perspective Nathan Anderson, Ph.D. 
3/1/09   Optimizing Thermal Processes in Waterspray Retorts Chris Balestrini
3/1/09   Processing in Water Spray Retorts Kevin Collins
3/1/09   Spore Growth and Destruction Joseph Dalmasso, Ph.D. 
3/1/09   ILSI Thermal Processing Activity Dr. Andy Davies 
3/1/09   Tomato Processing Bernd Elhaus
3/1/09   Reel & Spiral Process Issues Tim Fenton
3/1/09   Product and Process Profiling Dr. D. J. Freeman
3/1/09   Bacillus asa pressure-temperature-time indicator Tara Grauwet
3/1/09   Validation Tools in the Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industries Pamela Hardt-English
3/1/09   News from the USDA Suzanne Hasiak
3/1/09   Predicting Splashing and Sloshing During Container Filling PW James, DI Graham, JP Hughes
3/1/09   Steam Water Spray Retorts Martin
3/1/09   Recent Development in Microbial Validation of Aseptic Packaging Systems Wilfredo Ocasio, Ph.D. 
3/1/09   On the Route to Optimize Batch Thermal Processing Ricardo Simpson, Alik Abakarov
3/1/09   Continuous Flow Microwave Sterilization Josip Simunovic
3/1/09   Heating mechanisms in Shaka processing D. Skipnes
3/1/09   Life on the Brighter Side Stephen H. Spinak
3/1/09   What in the World is Happening with retort Pouches & Trays? Strassheim
3/1/09   Recent Advances in Thermal Processing Technology Arthur A. Teixeira
2/1/09   Home Canning Today in the U. S.  Elizabeth Andress, Ph.D. 
2/1/09   2009 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/09   CFSAN Office of Food Safety Food Processing Evaluation Team0 Don Zink
2/1/09   Water Spray and Cascade Systems Dan Geffin
2/1/09   New Developments in Microbial Inactivation Modeling M. Peleg
2/1/09   Accommodating Differences in Regulatory Requirements Margo Pidgeon
2/1/09   Risk Based Determination of the Exposure Dwell Time to Lethal Agents… Alfredo C. Rodriguez
2/1/09   Reduction of can material thickness - consequences Grzegorz Rogala
2/1/09   Advances in TTI Technologies Gary Tucker, Helen Brown, Ingrid Schaffers
2/1/09   Temperature Distribution Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
3/1/08   Microbial Thermal Death Kinetics & Relationship to Fo R Dale Morton
3/1/08   Validation of Multiphase Aseptic Process Josip Simunovic
3/1/08   Heat penetration Studies on Shelf-Stable Ready-To-Eat Foods Retortable Trays Arthur A. Teixeira, Daisy Campos, Eric Doncel, Gaurav Ghai, Michael Griffin, Shiva Hafezi, Elana Rich
3/1/08   Modernizing the PMO for Regulation of Aseptic Grade A Dairy Plants Brian Thane
2/1/08   Risk-based Process Development: The Food Safety Objective Approach Nathan Anderson, Alfredo Rodriguez, Ph.D. 
2/1/08   Risk-based Process Develoopment: Food Safety Objective Approach Nathan Anderson, Ph.D.,  Alfredo Rodriguez, Ph.D. 
2/1/08   2008 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/08   Dimentionless Correlations for Convective Heat Tranfer to Canned Liquid Particlate…. Miritunjay Dwivedi
2/1/08   Impact of New Regulations on Thermometry Patrick Ginty
2/1/08   Improving Packaging in Pasteurized and Fresh Blue Crab Meat Robert Lane, Michael Jahncke, Ph.D., Tom Rippen 
2/1/08   Thermobacteriology - Lessons Learned John Larkin
2/1/08   Processing Significance of High Acid Microbiology Sean Leighton
2/1/08   Draft Guidelines for Aseptic Filter Validation and Integrity Testing Ferhan Ozadali, Ph.D.
2/1/08   Inoculated Pack Studies Count Reduction Method Kurt Wiese,Ph.D. 
10/1/07   Harmonization of Standards in Thermal Processing Ian Britt
10/1/07   International Auditing Standards for Thermal Processing Dan Brooks
10/1/07   Capabilities of Commercial Retorting Systems Karin DeGrave 
10/1/07   Definition of Thermal Processing Bernd Elhaus
10/1/07   Modelling and Simulation of Retort Process Bernd Elhaus
10/1/07   Advanced Calibration Jan Eriksen
10/1/07   Harmonization of Standards in Thermal Processing Dennis Keane
10/1/07   Thermal Process Survival & Enzymic Thinning of Canned Soups John S. Murray
10/1/07   Research Related toNovel Heating Techniques D. Skipnes
8/1/07   Temperature Indicating Device - Design and Selection Jim Eldridge
8/1/07   Temperature Indicating Devices for 21 CFR 113 John Larkin
5/1/07   Rotary Cooker & Cooler Nick May
4/1/07   Guidance Document Development and Approval Process  
3/1/07   Use of ATID's in Aseptic Processing David Bresnahan
3/1/07   FDA Form 2541c Digeraanimo
3/1/07   Environmental Validation Chris Finch
3/1/07   Techniques to Match Continuous Flow Thermal Processes John J. Miles, Ph.D. 
3/1/07   Guidelines for Microbiological Validation of Presterilisation of Aseptic Fillers Doug Osborn
3/1/07   Validation Guidelines for Package Sterilization Sevugan Palaniappan
3/1/07   Reliability and Traceability of Electronic Thermometers Dean Ripple
3/1/07   Introduction to the FSO Approach Alfredo C. Rodriguez
3/1/07   Value and Acceptance of Mathematical Modeling Josip Simunovic
3/1/07   Why Filings Were Introduced in the US in 1973 Stephen H. Spinak
3/1/07   The History of FDA Forms 2541, 2541a, and 2541c Stephen H. Spinak
3/1/07   Process Filing - The Technical Review Process Stephen H. Spinak
3/1/07   NASA Mission to Mars: Advanced Life Support w/Retort Pouch &Ohmic Heating Tech Arthur A. Teixeira
3/1/07   Process Calculation Methods, Background to Options Gary Tucker
2/1/07   2007 Annual Meeting IFTPS
2/1/07   Heat Penetration Parameters, Miniature Remote Temps Sensors vs Type T George Awuah, Ph.D., Aakash Khurana, jLisa Wedding, Chris Balestrini, Brad Shafer 
2/1/07   EMI Concerns and Validation for Equipment Used to Measure Critical Fluids George Bowman
2/1/07   Review of FDA Form 2541a Kevin Collins
2/1/07   FDA Thermal Processing Update Dan Geffin
2/1/07   The M-I-G Thermometer Patrick Ginty
2/1/07   Comparison of Thermal Process Validation Methods Andrew Green
2/1/07   Using the DART Digital Reference Thermometer on Retort Systems Tim Haley
2/1/07   Validation Protocols for Aseptic Processing and Packaging Systems Kurt, Fafal, Mark, Dilip, and Jay
2/1/07   Statistical Aspects of Validation of Aseptic Fillers Guido Moruzzi
2/1/07   Convective heat transfer coefficients in canned liquid particle mixtures subjected to axial  Mritunjay Dwivedi, H. S. Ramaswamy
2/1/07   Defining Critical Factors David Park
2/1/07   Current IFTPS Protocols for Temperature Distribution and Heat Penetration David Park
2/1/07   Challenges Facing a Process Specialist Implementing a Non-thermal Process Kailash S. Purohit, Ph.D. 
2/1/07   European Filling Process: Similarities and Differences Gary Tucker
2/1/07   Fresher, Better Tasting Food and Drink Richard Walden, John Emanuel
2/1/07   2541 Form Facility Registration Weise
2/1/07   Documenting and Filing LACF Process with FDA Weise
2/1/07   Value and Acceptance of Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Studies…. Z. Jun Weng, Ph.D. 
2/1/07   On-line Process Deviation correction for Batch & Continuous Retort Systems Z. Jun Weng, Ph.D. 
2/1/07   Harmonization of Standards in Thermal Processing Francois Zuber
3/1/06   Food Safety Objective Concept Guido Moruzzi
2/1/06   Low Acid Canned Food Filing - Neverever 2000 Aseptic Filling Machine  Douglas Osborn and Ferhan Ozadali, PhD. 
2/1/06   Tips for Being a "Value Added" Process Authority Chris Balestrini 
2/1/06   Controls Validation Guidelines for Automated Aseptic Processing and Packaging Systems  Peter Kwarteng
2/1/06   Validation of Aseptic Processes B. Elhaus
2/1/06   A Glass Free Biological Indicator for Use in Monitoring the Thermal Processing of Foods  John R. Gillis, Ph.D.; Kurt McCauley
2/1/06   On-line correction of Process Temperature Deviations in Continuous Retorts Guibing Chen, O, H. Campanella, C. N. Corvalan, T. A. Haley
2/1/06   Temperature Distribution Studies in the FMC FoodTech SuperAgi Retort  
2/1/06   Shibuya/DNP High Speed Rotary PET/HDPE Aseptic Filling System Yoshi Izumi
2/1/06   Practical Metrology for Remote Temperature Measuring Devices David Mondiek
2/1/06   Draft Guidelines on Microbiological Validationn of Aseptic Fillers Guido Moruzzi
2/1/06   Interactive Mock Validation and DDA Filing for Aseptic Processing and Packing Systems Douglas Osborn and Ferhan Ozadali, PhD. 
2/1/06   Microbiological Validation of Low-Acid Aseptic Systems Wilfredo Ocasio, Ph.D. 
2/1/06   Liability and Risk Management for Process Authorities Barbara Rasco, BSE, Ph.D., JD
2/1/06   Thermal Process Optimisation Using Deflection & Pressure Measurement Markj Seiboth
2/1/06   Use of Wireless Dataloggers for Temperature Mapping Studies in an ISO 17025 Accrediatyion Program John J. Sullivan
2/1/06   On-line Correction of Process Deviaitons for Batch Retorts Ricardo Simpson, Arthur Teixzeira, and Isabel Figueroa
2/1/06   Measure Sterilisation to Processes Gary Tucker
2/1/06   Functional Barrier Material on Shelf Life of Salmon Packaged in Retort Pouches Byun, Y.J. and Whiteside, W.S.
2/1/06   2006 Annual Meeting   IFTPS
2/1/05   Guidelines - Microbiological Validation Sterilization of Aseptic Filling Machines…  
6/1/04   Nomenclature for Studies in Thermal Processing  
3/1/04   Novel Sterilization Technologies Ben Zhang, Ph.D. 
2/1/99   The Future of Thermal Processing of Foods Marvin Tung, Ian Britt

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